Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Fave 5

Well, this has sure been a busy week. I work from home as a Virtual Assistant - and one of my client's kept me very busy. Hey, that's the whole point!! Busy = income!

Thinking about some of the favorite things that occurred this week, I found myself dwelling on some not-so-favorite things - like the trip to the doctors, or hearing my cousin with Ovarian Cancer is really struggling with the new chemo. But...I refocused, and here's what I thought of.

1. My cousin MAY be suffering bad from the new chemo...but her cancer counts were down by HALF!!! According to her, that's the most since her surgery. Praise the Lord!!

2. I did go to the doctor, the gynocologist to be exact. Not my favorite place. In fact, I usually stretch out the time between visits as LOOONNNNGGGGG as possible. My last gynocologist passed away, just a year or so after her husband died. So, there I was with no doctor. But I found one nearby, that has Nurse Practitioner's...and I met one of them this week for my appointment. I like her a lot. She's a little avant garde, but that's ok with me. It's easier to put up with an uncomfortable situation like visiting the doctor - when you like who you see.

3. I've SO enjoyed working with my client. I've had all kinds of jobs in the past - way too numerous to list, and I've never enjoyed working with anyone, or doing the kind of work I did - as I enjoy what and with whom I work now. It's very challenging, and very different. It never gets stale.

4. I really enjoy opportunities to save money. This week I found out that I could save almost $50.00 a month by going back to one company for a complete bundle on phone, internet and TV. $50.00 a month! That's $600.00 a year - nothing to ignore. I'm one happy camper. Granted, it's on one of those two year specials - but in two years, that's $1200.00. Then I'll just go find another deal.

5. I love, love, love Spring (minus the allergies). I love the new leaves, the new flowers, the "twitter-pated" birds, the sneaky squirrels, watching people walk by the house, the grass greening up, the warmth and the sunshine. Someone asked if I would get tired of days like yesterday if that's all we had (near 80, gentle breezes, lots of sunshine). The answer - NEVER. It's my absolute, favorite kind of day.

It's been fun sharing. If you'd like to participate...hop on over to Suzanne's Living to Tell the Story


ellen b said...

Hi Connie,
I'm glad you have work now that you can enjoy. Sorry about your cousin's reaction to her new chemo but glad her counts are down. I just had my yearly too...I'm always so glad when it's over!!
Have a good weekend...

Laura said...

I agree -- saving money is SO much fun.

This is why I love FFF. It really forces me to see the good in my week. Hope it did that for you this week.

Happy weekend!

Karyn said...

So glad your cousin is seeing results from the chemo - especially since it's been so hard.

Sounds like you really enjoy your job - that in itself is a blessing.

Susanne said...

I get giddy when I find good deals and save lots of $$$. :v)

Cancer is HARD! So glad to hear that your cousins cancer counts are down with the new chemo!

Willow said...

I love saving money and I love warm sunny days! I enjoyed reading your FFFs. You were able to find the positive part of your cousin's difficult week.

Have a great week ahead.