Monday, May 3, 2010

Outside my window... a beautiful day! Sunny with puffy clouds, warm. Terrific!

I am thinking... I need to watch my time today, we're going to a Thank You Volunteers dinner tonight. Yippee, I don't have to cook!

I am thankful for... my mother. She's a faithful prayer warrior, a caring, giving person, talented, always ready with words of wisdom, smart, VERY witty, and a loving mother.
Thanks mom!

I am wearing... a pair of old black pants, and a bright, neon pink top with a floral design on the front.

I am grandmothers. I was fortunate to be near both of my grandmas. My mom's mom was quiet but a hard working, God-fearing woman with a talent for cooking. My dad's mom ran Pioneer girls when I was little, she volunteered a lot in church, and also loved the Lord. I've missed them, but I know I'll see them again.

I am going... crazy!! Want to go with me? Ok, I'm not really going anyplace special this week...beyond tonight's dinner at church. That's really not a bad thing.

I am currently reading... The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan

I am hoping... we really DON'T get the frost they're predicting for next week. Enough is enough!

On my's repetitive, sorry! I cannot keep my children and their poor choices, and there decision to not live for the Lord, out of my mind. It is every present.

Noticing that... spring cleaning always takes until summer to complete!

Pondering these words...

Remember, you may choose your sin, but you cannot choose the consequences.

-Jenny Sanford

From the kitchen... whatever my adult children cook up for themselves!! I'm outta here!

Around the house... The front window and front door are nice and clean, thanks to my hubby!

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Thank you, Kaitlyn!

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Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Pretty flowers....hey, go ahead, go crazy! I have a friend who always says, what is wrong with a padded room? they dress you, feed you, you don't care if you have any bills, and you can forget whoever you want!!
Just kidding!!