Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's Fave 5 - June 18th

It's hard to believe the week is nearing an end already! It's been so busy, I didn't have time to smell the roses...literally! I didn't get out to my garden all week, and now it's hot and steamy again.

But, the week was filled with nice events and blessings.

1. My parents came back around for a second visit. They were heading to Indiana to see an old friend, and stopped here for a few days, first. We were able to take them out to dinner and celebrate an early Father's Day. My dad had a cold, but otherwise, they are doing well. They still had a drive ahead of them afterward, as they live in Florida.

2. I've been very busy with my business this week. I like's continuing to help pare down debt and give us the money we need to do things we might not otherwise get to do!

3. Carolyn, my cousin, has not been feeling very well on this new experimental chemo they're doing. They thought she might have an ulcer, or some other stomach problem. Well, come to find out, it's due to the chemo, and she's not the only one suffering from the symptoms. Now, that may not sound like good news to you, but to her (and me), it was a relief that it wasn't yet another thing going on. If they can get the symptoms controlled, she will be doing ok. This chemo seems to be working! Praise the Lord.

4. My hubby's place of business is going to be able to hand out raises the first of July. Maybe not great ones, but anything would be wonderful! That was GREAT news, and such a blessing.

5. And then, finally, it's been a blessing to know that I can still learn! Don't laugh, there are days when I'm not so sure. You know those websites where you see Click here. in blue, and you click on it - and it takes you to a sign up page - or more information, or whatever? Well, I didn't know how to make that happen, and I needed to for a client of mine. Well, thanks to Microsoft Word and their easy instructions...I now know how. Goofy, I know. But it's good to know the 'ol brain gerbils are still alive and working that treadmill! I had to figure out where to find instructions, and then how to implement them. I was proud of myself for tackling something new.

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Have a wonderful, blessed weekend.


Anonymous said...

Very nice fives -- it's great that you have way to add to your family's income. And for your husband's upcoming raise, too :-D Glad your cousin knows the reason for her discomfort. Hopefully, she will be done with it soon.

Susanne said...

Praying the rest of your cousin's chemo treatments go well and that they will do the job!

Florida to Indiana seems like a huge drive. It's nice that you were able to celebrate Father's Day with your dad!

Yay for the raise. Every little bit helps!

Willow said...

Great FFFs! Isn't it great when the financial balances are a bit more equitable? I'm so glad your cousin's cause of discomfort was figured out and it's an easier fix than you feared.

Have a great weekend!