Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3rd is Housewife Day!

Today, November 3rd is Housewife Day! Did you know that? I certainly didn’t.

In doing a holiday calendar for myself, I came upon a “weird holidays” calendar. Now doesn’t that figure? Housewife Day relegated to the “weird holidays” calendar!

Housewife Day was set to “recognize the importance of wives and moms.” Wives and moms are caring, nurturing, service-oriented people that do so out of good character, and more so, out of love.

Back in the old days, housewives were stay at home only. Today, while most moms would love to stay at home, many choose to, or need to be, wife, mother, and career person. Unfortunately, our current economy almost requires that for many, many families.

In Grandma’s day, and even in my mom’s day - instead of Housewife Day, it was:

Monday: Wash Day
Tuesday: Ironing Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day
Thursday: Market Day
Friday: Cleaning Day
Saturday: Baking Day
Sunday: Day of Rest

…and even on Sunday, moms made the pot roast, and did the dishes.

My days are probably a little different than Grandma’s. Modern conveniences, working a job, permanent press clothes…and other things have changed how I spend my day. However, that hasn’t necessarily made my life, or yours any easier. It seems our lives are busier than ever!

But, today is a celebration for those of us who are housewives. Whether the stay at home kind, or the work - then come home and work again kind.

What’s so important about being a housewife? Why celebrate this at all?

A housewife keeps a house, managing the household funds, doing the household chores, or scheduling the household chores for her trainees in household management (the children!!)

She raises children, and hopefully they will grow up knowing what is right from wrong, develop strong values, and live productive lives.

She’s also a companion, friend, encourager and lover of her husband – offering support, and help in any way that he needs. This isn’t a lightweight job!

I think that means we make a difference. We have value. We are worth celebrating! Check out Proverbs 31. Here are some examples of who we are:

“She is worth far more than rubies” (Proverbs 31:10).

“Her husband has full confidence in her. … Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land” (Proverbs 31:11, 23).

Read Proverbs 31:11, and Proverbs 31:16 for some more confidence builders.

How will I celebrate? So how should I celebrate this day? I’d say flowers, but apparently the flower of the day for Housewives Day is Lavender, and I’m allergic to that. I could make the recipe of the Day – which is supposed to be Pumpkin Roll, but then I’d have to eat the whole thing! Nobody else likes pumpkin in my house. I don’t think that works to well with the eating program I am on.

If I had a bit of money hidden away, I’d hire a maid for the day. If I could talk my daughter into accepting this as a bona fide National Holiday, I might be able to talk her into cooking dinner! But since it’s not on the National Holiday calendar, I don’t think she’ll buy into that.

So, what can I do? Well, I’m taking some time out of my busy housewife duties, and business duties to write a blog. Later today, I intend (once it warms up a bit), to go take some fall pictures in the yard, and I’m going to make myself some Minestrone Soup! I’m aiming for a warm shower by candlelight to top the day off this evening.

What can you do celebrate? You deserve it. You don’t have to spend money, or spend all day…but take some time out to do something you want to do. Even take some time out to think about your role as housewife. God has given you this wonderful opportunity (and responsibility). How do you feel about it? Do you realize your worth? Do you need a better attitude? Do a little self-evaluation. That’s time spent on yourself, too! Whatever you do, enjoy only comes once a year! :-)

Happy Housewife Day!


Marmee's Pantry said...


Blessings, Kim<><

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Housewife day....well, I did get flowers today....but not for that! I have a candy bar saved for something special...maybe I will take a bite! But first on this holiday, I need to vacuum, run the dishwasher, wash a load of clothes, start supper...yeah, I totally see the holiday in it!!!!

Pam said...

I never heard of "Housewife Day"...I wish I'd known sooner...I would've made my son or husband cook supper! However, I was hungry and wanted to I cooked spaghetti when I got home from a very busy, stressful day at my "other job". Writing on my blog is the relaxing thing I do for myself...and reading other's blogs and facebook. That is a treat for me each evening and helps me to wind down after a mind boggling day at work. Thank you for sharing these thoughts today! We are all Proverbs 31 women!!

Pam said...

I don't know where my comment went...but I ended up by saying how much I enjoyed reading your blog...I didn't know there was such a day as "Housewife's Day"...but we ALL deserve such a special affirmation! I will pass on the good news! God bless you all, and we are all Proverbs 31 women!!