Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6th is Marooned without a Compass Day

November 6th is

Marooned Without a Compass Day!

I don’t really need a day to celebrate being Marooned without a compass. There are many days, especially when trying to learn something new for my business, that I feel marooned without a compass. Thankfully, I can usually find someone with a “compass” to help me out.

When I first got married, driving was like being marooned without a compass. I had no sense of direction whatever. Fact is, if you ask my daughter, she’ll tell you I still have no sense of direction…and she’s right to an extent. Some things throw me off, but I am MUCH better than I used to be. And I’m not afraid to listen to her when necessary, she has an innate sense of direction.

Do you feel marooned? Something you were trying to do falls apart, someone you counted on backed out on you? Have your plans fallen through? I think we have all had those experiences many times. You’re left with that “now what” feeling. Sometimes we feel hopeless and directionless.

But I believe we have a navigator. I believe we can count on Someone ALL the time, and He’ll never fail us. When we feel directionless and hopeless, He can help us redirect and find hope. He has become my navigator, is He yours? I’m referring to Jesus Christ. God’s word, the Bible, is filled with direction. When I feel like the wind gets knocked out of my sails, He becomes the wind to gently blow me back on course, and keep me moving in the right direction.

In Proverbs 3, verses 5 & 6, He says “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” No better orienteer than that! The online Free Dictionary says that to acknowledge means:

tr.v. ac·knowl·edged, ac·knowl·edg·ing, ac·knowl·edg·es


a. To admit the existence, reality, or truth of.

b. To recognize as being valid or having force or power.


a. To express recognition of: acknowledge a friend's smile.

b. To express thanks or gratitude for.

3. To report the receipt of: acknowledge a letter.

4. Law To accept or certify as legally binding: acknowledge a deed.

I think all the above definitions fit what this verse means. If I acknowledge that God exists, if I recognize He has force and power, If I express recognition of Him, express thanks to Him, acknowledge that I have received His word (by reading it and following its directions), and to accept His ownership of all that I have as legally binding in my life – after all He created me, and all that is in existence, it IS all His….if we do all that, believe all that, and ACT on that – then He will direct my path.

So for me, I have confidence that I will never really be marooned without a compass. Any and every event in my life can be guided and directed by Him if I let Him. That’s a choice. I can choose to go my own way, and end up deserted on an island somewhere with that “now what” question in my head – or I can let Him guide my path.

But now, let’s look at things from a totally different perspective. What would be so terrible about being marooned without a compass just for one day? Let’s talk about that island. Back in the pirate days, as captain, your crew might maroon you on an island with some food, water, and a loaded gun – just in case suicide seemed a better option than dying slowly. Gee, sounds like fun, eh?

Ok, I’m not wanting this marooning event to go that route. But let’s say, just for one day, you could be marooned on an island with a good book, a box of chocolates, a hammock (provided there are two nice palm trees available), sun tan lotion, and in my case…a Sudoku puzzle book. What’s so bad about that? A day to enjoy the sand and the beach, a nap, a good read, some treat you don’t usually allow yourself. Sounds wonderful to me. I could go for that kind of marooning. Just as long as I was assured the boat would be back by evening to pick me up, and let me resume my life the next day!

So, enjoy Marooned without a Compass Day. I’m not quite sure how you might choose to celebrate. I have the feeling it will go mostly uncelebrated, but it’s worth thinking about. Hopefully, you don’t truly feel marooned, but if you do – there’s a Lifesaver out there for you – and you just have to ask Him for His help in saving you. (John 3:16)

If you have the spare time, make it a leisure day. I’m all for that, once in awhile. They say it’s good for us to take a break from time to time. This sounds like a perfect excuse to me.

Happy Marooned Without a Compass Day!!!

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