Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year, New Challenges

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebration! We did, we got invited to friends for good food, and a lot of good fun. Got home before the New Year rang in, watched that on TV...gave my hubby our traditional New Year's kiss - and went off to bed.

So now we're into the year, and it's already moving fast. We got our tree and decorations down over the weekend. So the house is back to normal - whatever that means. So far, I have not found the usual "oops, missed putting that away" item. I will. It's inevitable.

I'm looking forward to the year - I have several clients now, and they are keeping me busy, and keeping me pressing forward as far as learning new things, too. That keeps things challenging and unique. I like that.

I'm not looking forward to some things. Our daughter and her boyfriend are giving us fits. Please be praying for them. They are making some really frightening decisions. Unfortunately, just because someone is biologically an adult - doesn't make them act like an adult. I'm sure many parents of young adults know what I mean. Our prayer is their decisions don't ruin their lives.

This might sound crazy, but I'm counting the days til Spring. I am so NOT a winter fan. I feel a call to New Mexico at times...now would be one of them! I need warmth and sunshine...and neither are available in Ohio right now.

Our puppy dog is fitting in like Flynn. He is such a funny pooch, and a persnickety eater. I've never seen a dog that wouldn't take advantage of people food if it was offered, but he's not one to get too thrilled. He's not too thrilled with his dog food, either. He eats, but certainly isn't the guzzler our Petey was.

Chazz loves to play. He's got a rawhide bone which we toss to him, and he goes after it - bouncing and prancing and pouncing away. He'll play with a ball for a short while too, but he really loves his bone. He also loves socks, and gloves. We have to teach him how to walk on his leash - he'd choke himself to death if we'd let him. So Kaitlyn is trying to teach him to heel and walk on a loose leash. All in all, he's been loads of fun.

Well, time to start working on some of the New Years challenges (not calling them resolutions). Hope you've had a good start to your year, I pray God's blessing on your lives. One of my desires for the year is to put Him first in everything I do. I pray you'll consider the same, for out of our obedience to Him - comes blessing. Happy 2011!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Connie. It sounds like we spent New Year's Eve in a similar fashion. We were invited to friends' house, where we enjoyed good conversation and food. We were home well before the New Year began. Neither of us, though, saw the new year in. We were sound asleep!

There is a young adult in my extended family who has been making decisions that I hope don't ruin her life either!