Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain and Weeds

Have you noticed that when it rains, the weeds opportunistically (is that a word?) grow faster than the flowers? I especially love the endurance and tenacity of those viny things that grow in the midst of all your flowers and you can't find the bottom of it to attempt pulling it from it's imbedded-in-cement roots!!!

We've had plenty of rain of needless to say - we have an entire cosmopolitan area of weeds. I pull them from the raised beds, hubby pulls them from the regular beds. We could use a couple more gardeners at the moment.

Nothing much to show you this week, I've been working on the house for the most part. Parents are coming! In fact, they should be here in the next few hours.

So, I must be off (some would agree to that on a regular basis). I have a few more clothes to get laundered, and a few more dishes to put away. If I don't blog much for the next few weeks - understand I'm keeping my dad busy with Mr. Fix-it Stuff and my mom busy with crafty stuff.

Happy Gardening to the gardeners, happy scrapping to the scrappers, and just plain have a good day to the rest of you!

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ceekay said...

Say hi to your mom and dad for us! By the way, I tagged you! Come by my blog and see!