Monday, December 8, 2008

A small prayer answered!

Sometimes, we pray and pray and pray - maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe years, for things that God for whatever reason decides to answer with "wait". Then sometimes, He answers our prayers immediately.

I needed a Christmas celebration. A quiet one. A "Silent Night" one. Mentioned it in my last blog.
Christmas and I are not real compatible most years. I hate the commercialism, the money-spending, the selfishness and greediness, the events, etc., etc. When I was a little kid I remember one event that really stirred my imagination, and gave me a sense of awe surrounding the birth of Jesus that I've carried with me to adulthood. We went to a little church someplace, I think maybe Lutheran, for a night time Christmas Eve service. I remember only the candles and the quietness of it all. It was simple. Christmas carols, the story of Jesus birth, and quiet. I wanted that kind of Christmas celebration just once this year.

Last Saturday night, my hubby and I went to church (we usually go Sunday morning, but hubby had a meeting to go to and had to be there early). The service was quiet, we sang Christmas carols, and Pastor's sermon was on Ruth, how her kinsman redeemed her, how she is in the lineage of Christ, how God's plan was manifested even through a simple story of a Moabitist - a non-Jew. Then we spent a few moments meditating on what God has done for us, thanking Him for His gift to us, through the sacrifice of His son. Then the service closed. My Christmas present. My answer to prayer! All I needed it to be. Ahhhhhhh!

Now I've celebrated!

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Happy @ Home said...

Sounds perfect and just what you needed.

Thanks for your recent visit and sweet comments.