Friday, January 9, 2009

365 days a year

I'm starting a Scrapbook Journal for the year. It was an idea from someone's scrapbooking blogspot that I just happened by. I can't even remember who's blog, now. However, I remembered the idea and thought it would be fun. So I've been taking pictures of everyday life each day since the first. So, here's a review of my exciting life!
January 1

What in the world?
Well, I've mentioned before that I was learning to be a Virtual Assistant. Then when the class was over, my instructor offered to let me work off what I owed by working for her Virtual Assistant, as the Virtual Assistant's assistant!! Just before Christmas Day, they were asked to fill a job order for a psychiatrist in Georgia - doing Data entry. I took the job (for pay), and worked all through the holidays. So the above picture shows my long lists I had to use to type into an Excel Spread sheet. It wasn't a bad gig! Funny way to spend New Years Day, though.
January 2

Where's the sun?
Good question. It seems to take a hike during winter in Ohio. Just another gloomy January day. Nothing much going on.
January 3

Ok, what's with the sign, you ask?
Well ignore the 1st two rows, it's the last row that has meaning. I am doing a doctor-supervised diet program with Roundtable Wellness. I started Saturday, came home with my bag full of supplements and homework assignment. Pray for me. This isn't going to be easy.
January 4

Sunday breakfast. Want to join me?
Enough said.
January 5

Monday Scrapbooking Project
I'm working on a 6x6 Petey the Dawg book. It's on chipboard, and when finished will have little side tabs, and little doodads tied to the rings. I'll post a pic of the finished product.

January 6

Gypsy Caravan-ish
I just had to take this pic. This is my daughter's idea of decor. She would say it's her "style". I'm not sure anybody else on the face of the earth has a similar one, but she's happy. Pretty wild, eh? Notice the throw she has over her - she made it herself. It has a lion on it, I think. Beneath her is a pillow-blanket my mom made for me, and that dd has confiscated. Beneath that is a quilt my grandmother made, beneath that......etc., etc.,
January 7

My journal.
Every year I treat myself to this journal from Crossings. I like it because it has nice big squares for short journaling in it, a regular calendar page each month for adding events, and a Bible reading schedule. I love the feel of the paper, the gold edge. It's just a really nice journal.
January 8

Remember that gloomy day earlier in the week?
Well, add a little snow! Actually, it kinda perked me up a little. It is pretty to look at, and it was nice enough to stay off the sidewalks and roads. However, you do notice the sun is still missing. I'm considering posting Mr. Sun on a milk know the "Have You Seen" posters?
January 9

"Study to show yourself approved. A workman that doesn't need to be ashamed...."
Ah well, vacation is is back in session. Actually, it has been since the 5th - but today presented a sneaky opportunity to snap a pic. She's so happy to be back in school. Chuckle, chuckle. She's studying American Government...notice the grimace?

So there's the first week plus a few days of 2009. Nothing major - which sometimes can be good.
But some things that cause me to give thanks. I earned a little money!! I'm kinda proud of myself. I am thankful for our warm home - the icy cold, snowy winter stays where it belongs - OUTSIDE! And I'm thankful for the opportunity to homeschool Kaitlyn - she may not appreciate it (and she doesn't), but she has learned so much more than she was learning while in the public school district. No more bookbags full of pictures she drew all day instead of homework, no more questions about what does this bad word, or that bad word mean. It's been a task...but it's been worthwhile...and it's quickly coming to a end...somewhat. She graduates in June. However, I think parents "homeschool" their children indefinitely in some ways. My mom and dad still teach me a thing or too along the way....(honest, you do!!)

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Kim W said...

Your daughter's room looks like something out of the 70's - I should know...I was a teen then. (Yes...I'm old!) Groovy! lol

Let me know how your diet works out. That sounds interesting.

Blessngs, Kim<><