Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snowy Sunday

Good Sunday morning to You.

I'm posting a Snowy Sunday blog. This morning was had some real snow for a short time, before that it was mostly sleet, ice and rain!! I'm not much of a winter fan, and sleet and ice increase my dislike. However, sometimes (especially from a warm, cozy house), I can appreciate it's beauty.

The trees were coated with a thin layer of ice -thankfully, it didn't get bad enough to start knocking things down. It was pretty to look at.

The sleet made everything look almost foggy. You could barely see across the street. Seems a little gloomy looking, too!! Part of that is just winter in Ohio, though. The sun takes a holiday around here in winter.

Well, this is the snow we've had so far. Just a dusting - and kind enough to stay off the sidewalks and streets. Being a non-winter fan, if it's gotta snow, this is the way to have it snow!

Have a great Sunday. Ours is going better, now that my hubby is coming home from the hospital!! He scared us a bit last night - thought he was having a heart attack. However, the word is, it was an "atrial flutter", and it's cause by what the cardiologist said (in complex medical terminology) was "bad luck!" Go figure.

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Laurie and Chris said...

Thank you for joining us for "Snowy Sunday". It is still snowing here and the sun is shining.

Jean said...

Connie, I knew you could do it! Welcome to Snowy Sunday! Great photos. I'd be glad to share some of our snow with you. lol! Thanks for joining in. Jean