Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

Spring! I'm so excited. More and more little tips of green are peeking through the soil. Problem is, it makes me want to go the nurseries and buy, buy, buy!!

The crocuses are gorgeous. I think this is the first year in many, they've actually had a chance to bloom. So here they are!!

One of only two little white ones.

There are about three bunches of the bright yellow crocus.

The purple are spread throughout the whole garden bed, and have even migrated to the lawn and the back garden bed. I wonder why these have been so much more prolific!!

Well, that's what's bloomin here in my part of Ohio. I can't wait to see what's next - I think it might be the daffodils.


ceekay said...

Oh Con, I wish I could see it in person....none of those little things here...We are bloomin, but it is the wildflowers and cactus! It is pretty though.
And famous...?? or is that infamous??
You are always a celebrity to me!!
love ya

Jean said...

Oh! I'm so excited that spring is in Ohio! That means it won't be long until it reaches NY! I love the bright yellow crocus. I have a couple but really NEED more! Jean

Happy @ Home said...

Your crocuses are so pretty. Isn't it exciting to see all of the spring bulbs start blooming after a long winter.