Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy Week!

Wow, I let a whole week go by, and didn't post anything. Well, it's been a little hectic. Monday is always chore day, and errand day...but I noticed too, that I felt like I had the beginnings of a sinus infection, and my left ear and just in front of the ear ached. So, I took some sinus medication and some Tylenol and called it a day.

Tuesday, I worked for my client as a Virtual Assistant, did some laundry and dishes, and again - noticed I just wasn't feeling to well...and my upper jaw seemed to hurt.

Wednesday - kaboom!! I woke up with the most awful pain in my left jaw - upper and lower. I couldn't tell what tooth was bothering me - but I recognized the symptoms. I had an abscessed tooth. I'm sure the sinuses are involved as well, but no doubt about it - a tooth was abscessed.
So I called the dentist and they, of course, said to come on in. They took x-rays and because the one tooth that he felt might be the one is the last molar in the left side on the top - the xrays had to be shoved WAYYYY back in my mouth. I, therefore, proceeded to gag. They never did get a proper x-ray. So loaded down with antibiotic and pain pills - I headed home.

Now, isn't there (or shouldn't there be) some sort of rule that says that once you're on the medicine the pain should immediately subside?? I think that's only fair! If you gotta gag down these huge horse pills - the least they could do is work...NOW...SOOONER THAN NOW!!!!
I have issues with pain as it is - but abscessed teeth are the absolute worse. You need to get away from the pain - but there's no place to go, it just follows you.

Thankfully, by Thursday morning - the edge was off, and I was able to keep working for my client. By Thursday evening, the pain had pretty much subsided - and I was able to volunteer at church on Friday.

Friday was fun. My client is on vacation. She calls her next business day clients the day before or Friday before a Monday - to confirm. So I had to make her calls for her. I drove to church (20 minutes away), worked until 11, left for home - made my calls (which got a bit complicated when I realized my client had double booked herself), ate a quick lunch, drove back to church - and worked until 5. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time I got home.

So, let me make my excuses for not writing. I'll get more organized and get back on track. I want to take some updated pictures of our garden. It's looking so good. We're beginning to pick raspberries!! Yum.

All in all, though busier than I've been in a long time, and mingled with some nasty pain, it was a satisfying week. Hope yours was the same!

Well, Dad, John, Ron, Wayne and all you fathers, stepfathers...etc.,

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