Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am new to this meme. I just found it last week and decided to join today.

I have a lot to be thankful for, and a lot that brings me joy.

Not many years ago, we attended a church that was dealing with difficult circumstances that I allowed to kill my joy. I would leave church each week in tears and a sense of hopelessness. It took longer than it should have for me to realize it was time to move on. My husband was patiently waiting for me to come to that conclusion.

God lead us to a great church. We've been there eight years now, and I cannot believe that it still thrills me to be there. We have joy unspeakable, now. Joy because we have hope, joy because we have a place to serve, joy because we hear God's word spoken clearly and with no reservation.

It isn't that there are days when things might not go right in service, or that everything is perfect in fellowship. But the overall mission of the church spurs us to action, to staying in tune with the Lord, it spurs us on to know God's word. It's a great motivator.

When I look back at how God lead us here, what circumstances we went through before and just as we began attending here, what lessons we've been taught since being here...I am thankful. Some of those things weren't pleasant, but "Joy comes in the morning."

It was so nice to read the different blogs that contribute to this Thankful Thursday.
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Michele said...

Praise God! I know I have went through same thing with a church in the past and where Im at now Im so thankful for and my soul gets feed more than ever before. Praise God he has you where he wants you. He is good. And welcome to TT!

Angela said...

It is a blessing isn't it going to other blogs on Thankful Thursday.

I have had a similar experience with Church,,the only thing is the Lord has called me stay...well we just got a new Priest last Sunday and let me tell ya,,I had to force myself not to bawl!! he is TRULY ANOINTED by God, totally on fire for Jesus. I was SO overcome by God's blessings. I was in awe!

Jerralea said...

Church family is soooo important. I cannot stress how much we need a good church home. I'm so glad you found yours!

Denise said...

Welcome to thankful thursday, so happy you joined us. I praise God for leading you to a church home.

Gwendolyn said...

I'm so glad that you found a church home that was right for your family. We love ours, too. :o)