Friday, November 6, 2009

Benefits of being a Virtual Assistant


All my adult life, I’ve worked some to provide extra income for my family. My main career goal in life has always been to be a wife and mother, and we had chosen for me to be a stay-at-home mom. Along the way, though, I’ve done side jobs…the list of which is quite diverse. The worst experience ever was making Christmas wreaths in an unheated warehouse!

Working from home allows me the opportunity to take a sick family member or pet to the doctor. It allows me to do the laundry between projects, take a personal call if one comes in, stop and make a healthy meal, or work at 7:00 p.m. if I couldn’t at 9:00 a.m.

During my daughter’s last year of high school (we home-schooled), I began my work as a Virtual Assistant. I was still there for her questions, and still had time to plan and prepare for lessons. We had to learn to be a little more flexible, but that’s one of those adult skills we all need to have, anyway, so call it Life Skill training!

We, as a family, are trying to learn to live frugally. We have two older cars, and one of them is on its last tires! Rather than go into debt and buy another car, we’re making do with one as often as possible. If I were not working from home, we would not be able to do that.

If we need to have a repairman out, like say, for a microwave that dies mid-meal preparation, I am home. I don’t need to leave work, or ask a friend to come over and let the repairman in. That makes deliveries, meter reading, anything like that so much easier.

Being a stay-at-home mom, I have constantly dealt with the feeling of not contributing. Now, that’s ridiculous, and I know that! However, it’s especially uplifting and encouraging to actually be adding to the family income without changing my primary focus.

I love being a Virtual Assistant. I am always being challenged to learn something new, to believe in myself, and grow. It’s a great opportunity to work from home and improve yourself at the same time. Besides all that, it is so much fun to tell people I’m a Virtual Assistant and wait for the ….”a what?” It happens almost every time!

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Suz said...

I too am a stay at home mommy and I love that I have the flexibility of it! Hubby teases that I need to go back to work when the little one heads off to school, but he wants me home in the summer and during school breaks etc... guess that only leaves me working as a lunch lady or a teachers' aid. :)

Hopefully I can come up with something I can do from home instead!

bob said...

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