Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, Snow, snow...and then some!

It's COLD, but it's beautiful!

The neighbor chatting with the salt truck driver

Yes, our dog can write. (I've got a bridge to sell you, too!)

Can you find Petey?

We got about 11.5 least at this spot where DD was standing!

Poor dog can hardly get out and do what a dog's gotta do!

But, still...isn't it beautiful? There's nothing so stunning as a red cardinal against the white backdrop of snow. God surely is the Master Artist, isn't He?


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Girl...that last picture is a framer!! So pretty!
Oh, and BRRRR

Jean said...

Great snow pics! I love the cardinal against the snow. Beautiful! Jean

Marmee's Pantry said...

Love photos. They just upped our expected snowfall amount for today from 6" to 10"-12"! Lucky us, huh?

You cardinal photo is so pretty. You should blow it up & frame it. I've been seeing so many poor little robins come back WAY too early this year. Poor things, they're all puffed out trying to stay warm.

Stay warm & safe.

Blessings, Kim<><