Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bloomin Tuesday - Fall Color

I love the changing seasons - well, three of them, anyway. Not too fond of Winter.

I haven't been out in the garden much the last few weeks due to allergies being so bad. However, I got a few photos in:

This grass grows at the side of our yard, right next to the gate. It's gotten so big - we're going to need to divide it next spring - or find a new entrance to the yard! I love the tassels.

These two grasses have tassels that remind me of catepillars!

Fall color around here is pretty scarce - in fact, the best color around seems to be in the cemeteries! I love the colorful path in this picture.

This little guy has two other brothers. All three were born this year. They love to infuriate our old geezer, Petey the Dawg...who at 15, hasn't got the get up and go to bother with them - but sure is frustrated that they're there!

My hubby and I spent the weekend exploring the southwest part of Ohio. While on our travels we picked up a few treasures.

Some fantastic sugarless pear preserves, and honey from Logan County, Ohio. Homemade bread from Champaign County, Ohio...and apples & pears...bought in Logan County, and only after buying them - found out they're from - NEW YORK! Go figure. Well, it's ok - they taste wonderful, so they're forgiven for fooling me. There is also some homemade honey wheat bread from Champaign county, as well. Good stuff - and mostly homegrown or produced from right near us.

Have a great week. Enjoy the sunshine. Check out msgreen"thumb"jean for other gardening pics.

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